Essay Writing contest, 2017

Essay Writing contest

Scholarship-group and partners are giving all writers the opportunity to show off their work and creativity via the Essay Writing contest. Moreover, the writers will get the exposure they deserve, but will also get a present along with it. The winning essay gets 100$ worth or Prize! In addition, every accepted story gets published on one of the scholarship-group partner’s websites including  

Scholarship-group writing competition; Essay Writing contest
Scholarship-group writing competition; Essay Writing contest.


• Between 750 and 1500 words maximum, the Essay Writing contest has no strict title, however, for clarification please visit the scholarship-group page on the Essay Writing contest

• There is no submission fee, don’t be scammed!

• All essays have to be in English.

• This is an international contest, thus you are welcome to submit an essay irrespective of your age, race, colour, nationality and country.

• Any genre is acceptable.

• Writers can submit as many essays as possible, however, it must be their original work. All rights must be wholly owned by the writer(s).


All ownership and rights to the material submitted to this contest are explained by the terms and conditions of scholarship-group. Also, by submitting the essay, you automatically agree to the statement.


Scholarship-group and partners want to publish stories that are the most compelling, creative and from a beautiful mind. Thus, the winner is a people choice and by people’s vote. The vote is the amount of comment you get from your essay, the shares via the social media; Facebook, Google, Twitter, Pinterest etc. The more the share and comment, the more your votes. Thus the earlier you submit and start sharing, inviting people to like, share and comment, the higher your winning options.


• Every accepted story will be published on one of the scholarship-group and partner’s websites, however, scholarship-group reserves the right of where it should be published. Some of the essays will be professionally narrated and published on MynaijaTV YouTube channel. You can include a picture in your essay, but it must be your original work and not downloaded from the internet.

For more information, please visit the essay writing contest page.